It seemed such a simple step, a motion more of the mind than of the body. I remember so clearly the feel of the ground against my back, the smell of the incense that the savages always used on their spiritual journeys. I never had believed in such superstitions, the knowledge of sciences had always served me well -- all 12 of the Seraphim were watching over me, especially Ezekial, the Seraph of Electricity. I, however, had come to the savages for help, and so I had let them have their rituals to appease their own minds.

I remember the boy putting the monitor, blank and unspeaking despite all my sciences, beside my head. I could hear the slight disturbing rattle of bits of metal from inside, bones of things shaken loose by the weather of time. The feel of my back faded, as did the smell of stinking herbs, as I dreamed of what that box must once have held, knowledges and sciences that would shake the world forever.

In my mind I saw the screen come to life, Ezekial filling it with a humming sound, a buzz so soft that only the subtle ear could hear. A hand was upon the screen, above words in the Old Tongue. The hand was my hand, and I moved it over the words that were illumed in blue, the color of Ezekial's science. The finger moved, and my mind washed away in a river of light.

I have walked a thousand worlds, I have seen a thousand things that are lost to my people and the savages both. I have learned things that could shake the mind to its roots. But in my mind it remains locked, for I have never found my way back after that first click sent me down the electron river.

-- From the Words of Maxim Jordain, Keeper lost in the River of Dream.

Folk Lore and Mythology texts

By D. L. Ashliman of the University of Pittsburgh, this page contains literally hundreds of folk lore and mythology stories from cultures all around the globe. Sorted by type of tale, and with annotations and cultural notes available for many of the stories, this site is a wonderful place to look when you want a certain type of story, but with slight twists and variations on the common themes. It also includes the formal type classifications of the folk tales included, for those of you interested in using them for publication or academic research.


A fairly well established newsgroup where you can post and read the posts of others about various mythic stories and traditions. As with most newsgroups you can find some wonderful information here, but you also have to take everything you learn with several grains of salt.

Native American Legends

Part of the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center, this page contains many public domain (and a few still copyrighted) books and compilations of texts on Native American Mythology and Folk Lore. There are also a few American folk lore works included here, such as The Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane. There are also historic books on various subjects (Ancient Mining on Lake Superior, which would make interesting ideas for squats), and several illustrated children's books. A great site, but a bit difficult to navigate if you do not know what you are looking for.

Encyclopedia Mythica

One of the most well known and respected on-line sources for mythic information. It contains several thousand brief entries on gods, heroes, and mythic locations from across the globe. Though it will not give you deep or detailed information, you can get the basic outlines of stories and personalities here. You can browse by culture or use the very solid search engine to find what you want.

The Zen-Sufi Story page

Despite the animated .gifs this page is an interesting source for Sufi stories and parables. Though there is little that you can use directly in a Tribe 8 game on this page, it is a good source to get a look at the kind of thoughts some Tera Shebans might pass down as unofficial lore. The story "The Dervish Who Wanted a Son" could easily be changed to a look at how the Tribes view the families of the Fallen, for example.

The Divine Comedy

The 1999 Research Edition of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. This site contains the work in English (two translations) and the original Italian. The Divine Comedy is one of the most influential works on how the Western world views Heaven and Hell, and certain of its ideas about the make up of the universe and the nature of spirits is reflected in Tribe 8's spirit world. A good resource to learning about this work, as well as for stealing names, ideas, and images for the spirit world.

The Tantric Homepage

A fairly good (though not perfect) look at Tantra, an Indian mystical/spiritual tradition. This site includes a brief general introduction, as well as pages on lore, practice, and art in the Tantric tradition. Though little of it would have come direct from the source into Tribe 8, much of the information on ritual, practice, and belief could be bastardized into an interesting and in depth system of practice and thought for a Magdalite, Sheban, or Fallen of many stripes.

Russian Tea Room

Currently going through a bit of reconstruction, this slightly scattered and occasionally difficult to navigate site is none the less full of interesting information on Slavic folklore and witchcraft. There are several references to Baba Yaga here, and much of the information could make wonderful material for Yagan spirituality and cosmology.

Yupiaq Education Revisited

An online essay by Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley of the University of Alaska Fairbanks on "Eskimo" religion and folk lore. This page is very in depth and very academically oriented, but also is full of information about folk tales and spiritual beliefs that could have survived almost completely untouched through the Fall and the Camps in the tribes of the very far northern squats.

Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau

The official page of the park, resort, museum, and all around fun place that becomes, of all things, Hom. Here you can find pictures of what the island looks like in our world, along with pictures of the structures that become the Cage, the Spirit Circle, and the Wheel. All in all a real trip for anyone that only knows Montreal from the Tribe 8 books.

Montreal Tourism

The official page on tourism in Montreal, it offers pictures, a history, and information on some popular places and festivals in Montreal. Knock down a few buildings and corrupt the festivals into macabre pageants of spirituality with animated junk being worshiped by animistic control freaks, and you'll be a long way towards having a better image of Vimary.

Tribe 8

It's a band! It's a dyke band! It's a dyke punk band! Seriously, as far as I know this has nothing at all to do with the game, but you have to love a dyke punk band with the same name as the game. This is their official page, and if you want to look into it go right on over.

The Golden Bough

The Golden Bough was, once upon a time, the revolutionary and pioneering look at world myth, religion, and spirituality. Filled with hundreds of examples of rituals, beliefs, and taboos from around the world it was a massive, epic look into the world of myth. The world, however, moved on and much of the Golden Bough was left behind, as it tended to be reductionist, culturally biased, and plain wrong about some of the details that it claimed. However, it still has many examples of rituals, beliefs, and spirits from all over the world. So, as it is free online, you can't go wrong by skimming through the pages and pulling out the meaty bits to add some depth to the spirituality in your game.


Although the layout leaves me searching up and down for what I want, this page is full of information about Shamanistic process and belief from world cultures. There are FAQs from various modern shamanic mailing lists and news groups, discussions on what makes Shamanism different than other spiritualities, and links to pages filled with descriptions of shamanism, rituals, beliefs, and spiritual cosmologies. Browsing through the page is a good way to find ideas for many of the synthesis and spiritual beliefs and practices in Tribe 8.

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