Tonight, I stood my turn at watch near the Fallen Bridge. There is a small band of us who try to embrace the newly Fallen, to protect them. We stand six days after the new moon, food and salve at the ready.

There are roughly ten of us in all, sometimes more, sometimes less. It's difficult to ask people to revisit the Bridge, but we do. Falling is terrible enough -- it's harder to go back and see it again in the face of another. I've never had to stand alone, someone always comes with me. Ruth the Healer, usually. This is her idea, her mission. She keeps this going when others would rather forget that bridge even existed. We stand, hiding under the flickering torches of the Watch, waiting just beyond its glowing circle for those who make it.

Many, too many, die with us there. We take what supplies we can, but only the very strong live and no amount of salve can heal a heart that refuses to beat. Mass graves, dug by our hands just at the forest's edge, hold those whose breath never knew Hom; the bodies of those whose life was beaten from them by family, friends, and only then by their Fatima.

The hollow eyes of the newly fallen will haunt my dreams until the day I die, but it is a duty that must be done if the Eighth Tribe is to survive, Ruth has convinced me of this.

-- Lucine, Fallen Evan Lightbringer, member of the Bridge Revisitors and the Eighth Tribe

May 29, 2003
Since the dawning of the age of Capal, all of us have moved on to other projects. The site has been migrated to it's new home, and the almost but not quite WickedInk Con III will take place next week as Mo, Brand, Laura and Josh converge upon the unsuspecting masses of Whittier once again. There's still a whack o' stuff we have sitting around that needs to be uploaded, and we will get around to it one day or another - never fear. What's that? Well, fear all you want then, goomba, it won't make it happen any faster. ;)
February 12, 2002
After a long period of less-than-frequent updates, Josh has finally taken the backlog of material we've written and put it into the proper format for the webpage. now sports the following:
June 5th, 2001
  • Revanche went to press today - whew!

Some undetermined time in
April or May, 2001 (so sue us, we don't remember when)
  • Brand and Josh pulled down the contracts for Liberation and Capal: City of Hate! woohoo!

April 30th, 2001
  • Word of the Dancers released today!

April 28th, 2001
  • All the writers of Wicked Ink will converge in the same place for the very first time in Sunny Santa Barbara this weekend, so if the world ends you can likely blame us. Celebrations for both the April 30th release of Word of the Dancers and the finalization of the second draft of Adrift on the River of Dream will be quickly forthcoming, and it's likely that we'll be brainstorming some new and sundry stuff for this site. Stay posted...

March 15th, 2001
  • The first review is out for HoT. See it now on The Gaming Outpost, Rolplaying: Tribe8, Harvest of Thorns.

March 14th, 2001
  • Word of the Dancers has gone to Layout! Can we see the dance of joy?!

February 26th, 2001
  • Harvest of Thorns (HoT) was released today, brought to you by Wicked Ink's very own Lisa Nichols and Brand Robins with the help of our friends at the Pod. Oh yeah, and the letter Z. Woo! Check it out!

February 15th, 2001
  • So it ain't much, but just so you know we're alive, we did an update of the Wicked Ink page to tell what we've been up to. We's writing yo, so give us some slack.

November 4th, 2000
  • Lisa went through the entire site and scoured it all for typos and link errors and everything else. With these revisions, we're leaner, meaner, and a hell of a lot cleaner.

  • After obtaining email address of <fatima> late last night, we created a bio page for all the writers of Wicked Ink. Find out all those embarassing personal details about your favorite Wicked Ink Writers!

October 31st, 2000
With help from Laura, the final look of was completed and implemented, and a massive upgrade resulted in one keen-looking site, if we do say so ourselves.

    October 28th, 2000
    • After a great deal of webwork, Brand has completed the annotations to our Links Page. Take a look, there's lots of resources available out there to make your Tribe 8 campaign as kick-ass as possible.
    • Brand has also compiled a listing of the point totals for Archetypes in published Tribe 8 products. It can be found on the Resources Page.

    October 20th, 2000
    Added two reviews by Josh Roby to the Reviews page.
    October 15th, 2000
    Our outside divinitation consultant Dannae the Seer has completed the Destiny Deck Page ("It's only a first draft!" she swears, "I could write a damn book on the cards!"). It can be found at the Resources Page.

      October 2nd, 2000
      Added two rants in response to the depiction of certain elements published in recent Tribe 8 books. You can find them on the Rants page.
      September 15th, 2000
      Being the twinky little rules-lawyer that he is, Josh created some Dual Eminence Synthesis Rules to add to our Resources Page. Drawing on both eminences from the River of Dream, some Dreamers can bring great power into the Material Plane.

        August 22nd, 2000
        Snagged the five Joshuan glyphs from the Tribe 8 Companion and made them into icons for the five sections of Like thus:
        <New> <Rants> <Resources> <Reviews> <Links> <DP9>
        August 17th, 2000
        Two things:
        • Mo, Laura and Brand pulled down the contract for Word of the Dancers!!! Kick ass!
        • We've also finally hit critical mass on our hording of content for the page. Construction has begun on getting it all into something relatively HTML-friendly. If all things go according to plan, will blossom into its full potential soon.

          August 10th, 2000
          Added four reviews by Brand Robins to the Reviews page.
          July 29, 2000
          Added Circle and Cell to the Adventure Cycles on the Resources page.
          Let's face it: the world of Tribe 8 is vast and dynamic and full of potential and possibility for adventure, spirituality, politics, and just about everything else. The very vastness that we all love can, however, make it difficult to get started in the game for the first time -- especially if you are new to weaving.

          So in order to help out those of you who are just getting into the game, and just starting to feel your way towards a game, we present this short introductory adventure. Nothing here is long, or difficult, or overly complicated or political. So sit back, relax, and let us help you into the world of Tribe 8.

          July 24, 2000
          Added Devotion's Price to the Adventure Cycles on the Resources page.
          A harrowing trip into the dark Outlands to retrieve the Fallen Liberation hero Kinkade from his self-imposed exile. The Oulands hold horrors both physical and spiritual, horrors which Kinkade has overcome only by mastering them. The great man the Fallen expect to find at the source of the river is not the same man as he was...

          July 14, 2000
          Added And Justice For All to the Adventure Cycles on the Resources page.
          The characters are thrust into the role of peace keepers between two powerful cells of Fallen who are headed for war with each other. Well connected, violent, and more concerned with vengeance than with justice, these cells threaten to drag Hom into a gang war that could disrupt the growing unity of the 8th Tribe as well as bringing the Watch and the Crucible down upon the fallen like the wrath of the Seed.

          July 4th, 2000
          Stars, Stripes and Thorns! Lisa and Brand have won the contract for the upcoming Tribe 8 book Harvest of Thorns!!! Whoot whoot!

            May 23, 2000
            Created an opening "Hi my name is Joshua and I'm a MoFo" splash screen.

              May 20th, 2000
              Here's some content for our fledgling little website, on the Resources Page and Rants Page.
              May 17, 2000
     domain established.

              <New> <Rants> <Resources> <Reviews> <Links> <DP9>