The Cage was a pot boiling over, a struck chord vibrating with power, and a terrible thunderstorm all at once. Fallen had come from all across Hom to shout at one another, defending their friends, condemning their rivals, and ensuring that their views were heard. Kymber took a deep breath and stepped up onto what serves as a stage. Even her presence started to calm the masses down, and then she filled her lungs and shouted over the assembled cries. She did not silence them, but that was not her intention. She shaped the shouts and arguments like a sculptor shapes clay, molding the voices together and fitting all the disparate views together. Discussion began.

-- Deus, member of the Eighth Tribe

Memories Deserve to be MournedKelley extols the virtue of hate and anger, calling upon the rage of Joshua as the birthright and charge of the Eighth Tribe.
RootsA letter from a soon-to-Fall Dahlian to his Evan lover, explaining how roots can hold and support a people, but can also bind and strangle. In the end, it is a question of where you put down your roots.
CleanThomas the Bleak tells how he's come clean under Eva's benevolent guidance, and what may be under the skin of all those happy, fat Evans.
The Herites are to BlameHave you ever noticed that the Herites are always getting the rest of the Fallen in trouble, that it's always the Herites who provoke the Tribes and bring the Inquisition down on Hom, that it's always the Herites that go just a little too far and make life hard for everyone else? Rene the Bold stands up to give an apology for the errant Outlook.
Justice's BlindfoldSarin Conaise asks her twin brother Diman some hard questions about Joan's silence, Tera Sheba's dominance, the Fallen and what honor and mercy truly are.

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