Kelley, Dahlian Jacker, comforts a Cell member:

Memories... memories deserve to be mourned.

Letting go is not something to be proud of. Letting go... is too easy. Everyone here lets themselves become a ghost, lets themselves die inside to stop the hurting. Everyone just wants to quit, to let it stay. That... No. That is not right. If they have what you need you must take it; you must spit blood in their eyes and strip it from them.

Otherwise you are swallowing a razor and saying you like it. Hate is part of life. Rage is part of life. The fact that we have lost our fucking rage is what is wrong! Joshua died, and then Mary died -- and that has killed us all. We shrink and whimper and lick the shit from their heels and hate ourselves for it. We forgive those we should hate and turn our anger upon ourselves. That is what is wrong -- it has been taken from us, and we say we like it! Joshua was rage, girl, and we are His children.

You think that's too much like the Z'bri? We are like them! Don't you see it! They are not rage and hate, you do not know them at all. They are void -- they are emptiness and lack. They are nothing, and that is what we are becoming. Your rings in your nose and your silent sobs for things you can no longer have -- that is what they are! We have become exactly like them! Every time we refuse to feel, every time we refuse to act, every time we settle and sit and weep rather than taking back what should be ours we become more like them. We hurt our flesh to feel, we cull our own to be strong, we fight each other as they fight each other, and revel in the shit that they have made us. We are becoming them girl, and unless we learn that life is holding on -- not letting go -- then we will sink and sink until we are them.

Are you weeping for shit girl, or are you trying to make yourself let go of something you know that you should hold to? You yourself know that it is shit. You drop things that are crap, you do not let go of anything that someone else tries to take from you -- ever. Letting go when someone else wants you to is just another word for giving up.

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