From the recollections of Helbe Gri'om:

Smoke drifted slowly from the bending incense sticks on the battered circle of boards, wheels, stretched skins and sheets of metal that served as tables in Junks. The scared and weary faces of the crowd had all eyes forward, pulses beating to the music as Joanna danced upon the stage. I had my full attention there too; it was hard not to.

The slow, heavy sway of her hips moved through the veil of gray in the room, sending shivers up the spine of every man, and no small number of the women, who watched with a growing heat that put a stop to the lingering chill that blew in under the edge of the door. I used to go watch Joanna every night that she would dance, wishing that I could move like that, move with that, wishing and hoping.

Near the stage there was one man who did not watch the dance -- his eye watched those who watched Joanna. Every time a hand moved too fast towards a cup, or dipped below a table, that eye would catch the motion, holding the other for a close regard, an assessment, before moving on. I guess Diarmet did not feel the need to watch the dance; after all, Joanna warmed his bed most nights and it must have been more important to him to keep her safe then to ache like the rest of us.

With the last panting notes of the music Joanna slid into a boneless bend, shoulders and knees against the floor while her body arched upwards in invitation. We all growled and hooted, applauding with all the lust in our veins. She waited till the sound faded to a dull edge and then slipped off the stage.

As the noise came up with everyone calling for food and drink, I gathered my nerve about me and stood to go to Joanna, my mouth parched with the taste of the question I wanted to ask her. But as her soft barefooted steps took her to Diarmet I sank back down. I tasted defeat before I even tried; I knew she would be going home with him and never with me.

I nearly writhed in my chair while I watched her whispering into his ear, tempting him off to one of the rooms upstairs. Neither of them noticed the wobbling young man who staggered towards Joanna, obviously more than a little lost in drink. He was nearly to them before Joanna noticed him, gave a smile as he stepped close. Before he could say a word she pressed her fingers to his mouth to stop him. I could not hear her words, but I saw her shake her head.

As Joanna turned back to Diarmet, the man -- a boy really -- grabbed at her shoulder and tried to pull her back about. He never finished the motion though: Diarmet grabbed his arm and twisted it away from the dancer. I heard him say "Another night," and then he pushed the boy backwards, staggering him into my table.

Rage twisted the boy's face and he grabbed blindly, snatching the first thing his hand found. He pushed himself up from the table, lashing out at Diarmet with the shine of metal in his hand.

I did not really see Diarmet move. He was all a blur. All I know is that Joanna fell behind him and then there was blood everywhere. It happened so close to me that the spray of red spattered over my legs.

The room went silent at that, all the faces turning our direction. What they saw was Diarmet Swiftspear standing over the body of a boy with a spoon in his hand and a gaping wound in his back. The fool had been so angry he had struck at Diarmet the Slayer with a spoon.

Everything went a little mad then. Barber was yelling at Diarmet to get out, Diarmet yelling back that he had done nothing wrong, and everyone else yelling their own opinions of the matter. Joanna got Diarmet out the door, and I went not long after them.

You see I had heard what everyone was yelling while they gathered around the kid's body. They were all saying that he had been stabbed in the back, that Diarmet had murdered him, and that Kila was going to murder Diarmet for that. I ran that night, getting as far from everyone else on Hom as I could. I had no wish to be part of a war.


"And Justice For All" is a scenario for Tribe 8 that puts the characters in the role of peace keepers between two powerful cells of fallen who are headed for war with each other. Well connected, violent, and more concerned with vengeance than with justice, these cells threaten to drag Hom into a gang war that could disrupt the growing unity of the 8th Tribe as well as bringing the Watch and the Crucible down upon the fallen like the wrath of the Seed.

The theme of this scenario is the conflict between the danger of too much freedom and the fear of too much law. Caught in a situation where there is no central authority, and where many are distrustful of those who cry Law, the 8th Tribe faces the danger that strong willed and violent people can easily overturn their tenuous existence. The characters have to decide where how far they will go to protect order, and in what ways they will try to impose it.

At the heart of this matter is not just that the characters must stop a war, but that their actions will have repercussions for the future of the 8th Tribe. Whatever course the characters choose to solve this matter will set a precedent for those around them as well as for those who follow after them. If they simply kill the offenders then they set the stage for a bloody tyranny. If they call a rant and judge without the accused there to offer defense then they set precedent for that method being used again and by less scrupulous minds as well. In the end the characters need to remember that their actions do not just solve problems in the present, they help to build the future.

Overview Background Enter the Player Characters Main Arc Resolutions Conclusion Characters


Two days before the adventure starts, Diarmet Swiftspear, the leader of the cell Cill Dara, killed Zachari of the cell Kila's Own. Immediately after the slaying, stories started flying fast and wild. Some say that Diarmet was defending his woman, others that he stabbed the boy in the back because a woman had chosen Zachari over him, and everything in-between.

Kila, enraged that one of her favorites had been killed, started looking for vengeance. Not even thinking about trying to settle the matter in a rant, she sent three of her best fighters out to claim blood price from Diarmet. They found the Jacker with his cellmate Alhanna and tried to press him to pay Kila off. Diarmet refused, and the members of Kila's Own pressed harder. The result was more blood, with Alhanna and all three of Kila's Own dead.

Diarmet retreated to his Cell's stronghold and sent out word to all the members of the cell that they were under attack. They pulled together and holed up in their fortress. Using pigeons that Johnothan had trained, they started sending out word to friends and contacts that Kila's Own was trying to kill them, and that they needed to strike before Kila could finish them off.

Kila, in the meantime, started calling out to her contacts as well. She asked for help in putting down Cill Dara as a "threat to the common good."

Rumors started flying again, the storm started as Hom divided into camps. Some moved immediately, turning the two cell's holds into armed camps; others tried to discuss the matter. Between the rumors and the flaring tempers, however, it was a difficult thing for anyone to find out what was really happening. Soon contacts of Cill Dara's had spilled blood of friends of Kila, and the situation quickly started spinning out of control.

Kymber tried to call a rant to resolve the matter, but Diarmet refused to attend. Hal Niniva, seeing an opportunity to press his own cause forward, went to Kila and convinced her not to attend either, convincing her that it was a trap and that Diarmet would win any trial. Kila backed out of the rant, and Kymber was publicly weakened when neither of the cells heeded her call. Without the culprits there to present their cases, she was unable to force a judgement. The rant fell apart, leaving many angry and afraid.

Hal then went to Cill Dara, believing that he could bring them to peace and thus claim the glory. But the clever man out-foxed himself, and ended up convincing Diarmet that Kila was moving against him, and that drastic measures were called for.

Now on the third day after the first murder, almost a dozen of the 8th Tribe are dead at each others hands, and Cill Dara and Kila's Own are on the brink of war. Tensions and tempers grow almost every hour, and brawls are breaking out even between groups with no direct stake in the situation. The leaders of the fallen are starting to look weak and disorganized, none of them able to deal with the growing threat. All the while the Watch is peering down from the bridge, and the growing signs of fear and violence are being reported to members of the Crucible.

Overview Background Enter the Player Characters Main Arc Resolutions Conclusion Characters

Enter the Player Characters

How the characters get involved is up to the Weaver, as it will depend upon the personality and connections of each individual cell. The following options are some of the most likely, but the list is not exhaustive. For many of these suggestions to work the Weaver will need to introduce Cill Dara and Kila's Own well before the start of the madness. It will help the characters feel involved if they have interacted with the two warring cells before they become the center of the storm.

Connections to Cill Dara

If the characters are friends with any member of Cill Dara, or any of their close allies, it is possible that they will receive a message from their embattled friends. If the word comes from any member other than Diarmet, it will be a plea to help stop the fighting. If the word comes from Diarmet himself, it will be a request for armed aid. If the characters are close with Cill Dara, it will be difficult for them to negotiate with Kila, as she will see the PCs as puppets of Diarmet.

Connections to Kila's Own

As with connections to Cill Dara, though Kila herself is a bit more reasonable than Diarmet. Also, given the fact that most of the members of Kila's Own are confidant that they are going to win, they are less likely to plea for help.

Connections to both Cells

It is possible, given the influence of the two cells in question, that the characters will have ties with both Cill Dara and Kila's Own. This could make the characters either trusted go-betweens or it could make both sides look upon them with even more suspicion. Tensions within the group could raise dramatically if one of the characters is tied to Cill Dara and another to Kila's Own. The trouble this could cause would be a good mirror to the troubles stirring Hom.

Favor to the Lightbringers

Many of the leaders of the Fallen are starting to worry. Hal knows well how desperate the situation is, as do Kymber and Deus. Any of these three may appeal to the characters to help negotiate and resolve the issue. Depending on the characters' reputations this could be a public request or a back room deal.

Joining with Oscar

The young ex-Tera Sheban Oscar (Word of the Pillars, 56) sees these series of events as the perfect example of why his law enforcement is needed, and as a perfect time to start implementing it. For that purpose, he is stepping up his recruitment efforts, looking for ex-Joanites and Tera Shebans who will help back him and his play to set up a court and police system to stop the current troubles, and to prevent them from occurring again.

Sent by the Guides

Seeing the havoc that the affair is going to cause, it is very possible that one of the Guides could spur the characters into action. They will advise any who will listen that unless the Fallen can sort this matter out for themselves they will not have much of a future other than blood and sorrow. The Guides are more than willing to advise the brave souls who step into the middle of the matter, but are not willing to directly interfere.

Personal Initiative

It is also possible that the characters will see the chaos building about them and take steps to end it on their own. This is especially appropriate to Lightbringer characters, who may well see a chance to help both the Tribe and their reputation by helping to build a bridge now.

In any case the characters will end up in the middle of the growing tensions, and how they deal with them will help shape the future of the 8th Tribe. As the adventure progresses be sure to get the characters to think about the consequences of their actions. What they choose now will help establish traditions and precedents that could set the course of Fallen Law. If the characters set themselves up as a police force, or if they force a judgement by tribunal or inquisition then those methods of law will remain part of the Tribe, and may come back to haunt the characters.

Overview Background Enter the Player Characters Main Arc Resolutions Conclusion Characters

Main Arc

The main issue that the characters have to deal with is bringing peace to Hom, hopefully with as little bloodshed as possible. There is no one way to go about this, and the methods that the characters use will vary widely depending on how they got involved as well as their own personalities. For that reason no linear account of how events should unfold is given here. Rather a summary of the situation and suggestions for possible courses of actions are presented.

The Situation Now

All the official members of Cill Dara are currently holed up in their island fortress. They have pigeons flying back and forth between themselves and Hom almost constantly, and small numbers of their friends and allies move back and forth between the small island and Hom proper keeping them supplied and in contact with the main body of Fallen society. Diarmet is enraged at this point and is planning bloody reprisals. Joanna and Kelley are both a bit more cautious (and a lot more fearful), but are sticking with Diarmet out of personal loyalty. The rest of the cell is even less sure and is looking for a way out.

Kila herself has also retreated to her home and has boarded up all the windows and doors to make the place as secure as possible. The rest of her cell, however, is still slightly bolder than Cill Dara. Several of them venture out daily to walk the streets of Hom, contacting old friends and trying to stir up support among any that will listen to them. A few of them even attend the daily meetings at the Cage, though they do so incognito out of fear of what might happen if they were found and exposed to the increasingly angry mobs.

The situation at the Cage gets worse every day. After the first failed rant, the gathering place has become a forum for every angry Fallen to declare all the wrongs of their society, and suggest solutions that range from tyrannical and bloody to farfetched and absolutely insane. Kymber and Deus have spent much of their time for the past day simply trying to keep the bloodshed to a minimum. So far things are still on this side of violence, but the situation draws closer and closer to the edge every day. The growing madness is not helped by the fact that friends of both cells attack each other with angry rhetoric, both trying to prove their friends innocent. In the forum of public justice everyone knows that impressions count for as much as facts, and both sides are trying to manipulate this to the fullest.

Just as the characters are being sucked into the chaos there will be another murder. A meeting at Ile Perdue goes wrong when Katti, a friend of Kila's, is caught coming out of that house of ill repute alone. Breca and Vincent, two Jacker allies of Diarmet, caught her in a back alley and overcome by the rage and pain of the last few days cut her down. To cover their actions they mutilate the corpse and drop the body into one of the empty rooms. Katti's "date" for the night sees them doing it, though, and goes first to Kila and then to the Cage to report the murder. Due to the late hour of the murder, and the fact that she goes to Kila first, the report will not make it to the Cage till the day after the characters get involved.


If the characters do not act quickly at this point things will go from bad to worse. When Katti's date comes with her news Oscar will immediately start calling for an immediate decision. He will call all the support he can, and will make an intelligent speech calling for order and law to keep monstrosities such as these from occurring. He will appeal to the current crowd to act as a tribunal to give he and his ex-Joanite followers the authority to punish both cells. His assistant will argue that the fact that they did not show up shows their guilt. If unopposed he may lead the gathering to finding guilt, and then going on a rampage to wipe out one or both of the warring cells. Though this might end the current problem it will be bloody and hard, and opens the door to anyone with an agenda calling upon whoever happens to be at the Cage to form spur of the moment judgements without the consent of the tribe as a whole.

If the characters have opened communication with either or both of the Cells by this point (which they have had 12+ hours to do), then they can argue against Oscar and use their achievements to this point to blunt his ability to call for judgment. If the characters can show that something actually is being done it will go a long way to assuaging the fear of those present. If the characters have not managed to get through to the cells, but do have a better plan then they can argue it with Oscar before the small assembly, and try to get those present to let them try it their way first. Finally, characters who are caught flat footed can try and appeal to the crowds sense of justice and common sense -- though this is a much more difficult task.

If the characters manage to stop (or at least slow) Oscar, they will have one more full day before the situation at the Cage goes back to hell. During that time they must find a way to bring peace between the two cells.

In addition to the problems of dealing with Kila and Diarmet there are several other complications that the characters may have to face. Weavers are encouraged to have friends or allies of the characters end up strongly on a side opposed to whatever the characters have chosen, allowing for personal RP and a chance to argue over which course is the correct one.

Also the Nation does watch Hom, and the increasing violence and chaos could well lead to the Joanites cutting off the Fallen Bridge. The possibility of starvation or invasion will only spark tempers and worries higher. The fear and frustration could ignite and lead to desperate people doing stupid things -- such as trying to storm Cill Dara's Hold, or trying to offer up sacrificial lambs to appease the Nation's worry.

The Black Owls would not dream of missing an opportunity such as this either. They will use their network of spies and informants to spread misinformation and will do everything in their power to stir the Fallen into violence against each other. If the characters are having to easy a time the Owls are the perfect way to destroy plans and bridges of trust.

Overview Background Enter the Player Characters Main Arc Resolutions Conclusion Characters


Resources for several ways that the characters might go about solving this vexing issue are presented below. Be aware, however, that these are not the only ways that peace could be forced and creative characters should be allowed to come up with their own ideas.

Whatever path is followed, it is important to remember how unreliable witnesses can be. Only Helbe Gri'om actually saw the actual blows that started all this trouble. That, however, does not stop others from claiming that they saw what happened. In many cases the witness is not even really lying. They are simply piecing together what happened from what they saw afterwards and what they have heard since. Even with Truth it is not always easy to separate fact from misperceptions, as someone can speak something they feel is fully honest, but that is still prejudicial or false.

The characters will almost certainly have to do some digging to find out what really happened. This is the perfect time to bring out old friends and contacts of the characters. In a world without forensic evidence finding the truth is largely a matter of dealing with other people. For that reason the characters should be urged to turn their investigations towards friends who might have been present that fateful night, or who might know of someone who was. It is also important to get as much background on the characters involved as possible, as character counts for a lot in tribal society.

Going to Cill Dara

If the characters are smart, or are connected to Cill Dara, they may be able to get inside the cell and speak with the members. Diarmet is a hard headed man and has little give to him, however he is not unreasonable and will listen to the characters if they can convince him that they are on his side. Joanna and Johnothan are far more reasonable and more than a bit afraid. Any character with human perception will probably realize that the best way to get Diarmet to listen is to talk with his friends. Once they listen they can make their leader listen and perhaps even see reason.

If the characters can get Diarmet talking they can get a clear idea of what has been happening. Though he will not readily admit fault, Diarmet does have a clear and precise mind and can give fairly exact testimony as to what happened on the nights in question. The problem is that without someone outside his cell to back his word he will make a rather unconvincing witness due to his known violent streak and strong sense of self righteousness.

Going to Kila's Own

Going to Kila is in some ways easier than going to Cill Dara, but once there the characters face a far more difficult situation. Where Cill Dara stands more or less united, the stress of the last few days are starting to show in Kila's cell. Kila is becoming largely irrational, but is not yet so far gone that persuasive and calm characters can not bring her back around. Morn, in the meantime, is doing his best to work the rest of the cell into a mutiny, which could work to the characters advantage if they are willing to see Kila dead to solve the current problems.

While Kila raves and Morn schemes the rest of the cell are becoming increasingly nervous and angry. Jen-Ryduck is watching the situation at the Cage go from bad to worse and would be willing to talk with characters she feels are trustworthy. Wid is still planning on attempting an assassination of Diarmet, and may well be cocky enough to let it slip to the characters.

If the characters can find evidence of Zachari's history of sexual assault they could use it to force Kila to accept justice (so long as it is reasonable). She would be crushed that her son might really have started this horror, and will be even more hurt that she made more blood flow. Still with a good presentation the characters could convince her to let the violence end. She will not let her cell be destroyed, but will listen to other plans to bring the matter to an end.


While they might try to get a picture of events based upon the speeches at the Cage and rumors that run wild, doing so will only give them a very warped and contradictory accounting. The players will likely want to go to Junks, to Ile Perdue, and to find those who know the members of both cells and possibly even those who knew them before their fall.

At Junks the best source of information is Barber, who will be as helpful as he possibly can. He was not paying attention during the killing, however, and so can only tell the characters what happened before and after. If the characters press him to try and remember others who might have been there and seen what happened they may well be able to get him to remember Helbe.

Ile Perdue is going to become a very hot place after Katti's murder. However there are several people there who can be of help. It is very likely that some of the residents might have heard rumors about Zachari's tendencies, and could point the characters in the direction of people who can give them proof. The regulars at the house of ill repute are also those most likely to let the characters know that Vincent had reasons to kill Katti that were not related to Cill Dara, which can help clear the cell of that murder.

If the characters get word of Zachari's abusiveness they may even end up trying to track down some of those whom he attacked. Of course it will be difficult to get Tribals to talk about such sensitive matters with Fallen, but it may be the characters best course.

Tradition and The River of Dream

If the characters think to use Synthesis to investigate the matter there are several avenues to let them explore. First, it is possible that some of those murdered have not yet moved on. A ghost could be brought to bear testimony at trial if the characters are powerful or clever enough. Even if they cannot manage that feat, the characters may well be able to find a ghost that will give them clues as to Zachari's past, Morn's coup attempts, or Diarment's battle madness.

In addition Wisdom could be used to try to relive the events of the night when Zachari died. Doing so, however, is not a sure way to success as the spiritual resonance of the memory is filled with anger, confusion, and death. It may, however, point the characters in the right direction and give them a solid place to build from.

In general let the players be creative with their synthesis. The world of Tribe 8 may lack forensic science, but it has a tie with spirits and time that the World Before did not enjoy. By correctly using their ties to the spirit world characters may be able to save the situation.

The Trial

When the characters finally bring the matter to judgement they must be ready to deal with the slings and arrows of their own people. No one is happy with what is going on and every faction has its own agenda in this matter. Oscar will continue to push for a small tribunal to judge the matter. Kymber will push for a public rant in the old style, despite the problems that such a method holds in so volatile a situation. Hal will follow whatever course seems best to both bring peace and move his own power and influence forward.

If the characters have done their investigations and are able to present a strong, open, and well spoken case then it is likely that Hal will back them. If, however, they fumble or have no solid suggestions Hal will probably try to take control away from them. Kymber, in the meantime, will oppose any solution that does not allow the whole tribe to have a say in what goes on. In direct opposition to her will be Oscar, who will do everything in his power to ensure that justice is given by an 'impartial' tribunal. Though Oscar would not sanction it, members of his cell may even stir a rant up into a riot in order to demonstrate that the tribe as a whole cannot solve this issue.

In the meantime the leaders of both cells will do everything in their power to see that the judgement does not fall to heavily upon them. How reasonable they are depends on how well the characters have dealt with them before this point. If they have no reason to trust the characters then blood could flow. If, on the other hand, the characters have won them over or presented hard evidence to them then both leaders may be willing to accept a judgement that fell against them -- so long as it did not compromise the lives or safety of the other members of their cell.

Overview Background Enter the Player Characters Main Arc Resolutions Conclusion Characters


There are too many ways for this adventure to end for there to be any set resolution to the matter. The important thing for the Weaver to remember is that actions have consequences. No matter how things pan out, it is unlikely that everyone will be satisfied. If the characters made a strong enough stand, rabid hordes may be unable to openly retaliate, but that does not mean that they will forget or forgive. The characters are likely to end up with several potent enemies.

As bad as the personal agendas might be, the issue of the laws that the characters have helped form can be far worse in the long run. If the characters managed to bring off a successful rant with something like a satisfying conclusion then little will change in the 8th Tribe, save perhaps the position of the characters. As people able to call and direct a rant they may find themselves firmly bound in the politics of their little island. If the characters used a different method to bring justice, such as Oscar's Tribunal, or trial by combat, then their actions will stand out in the minds of the Fallen. It is very possible that the characters' actions will influence the development of the 8th Tribe. The best way to simulate this is to have others start using the methods that the characters used, but with more or less altruistic goals. If the characters start an inquisition it is possible that a week, a month, or a year after this affair is over Oscar, Hal, or some other unscrupulous authority figure will find an equally justifiable reason to call one and so the reign of terror will begin. Remember what the characters do here, and let them reap the threefold law of returns throughout the rest of the cycles.

Overview Background Enter the Player Characters Main Arc Resolutions Conclusion Characters


Cill Dara

Diarmet Swiftspear

An ex Joanite and a leader among the Jackers, Diarmet is possibly the best swordsman that has ever lived. Those who have seen him fight insist that he can't be fully human: some spirit must have given him gifts to let him move the way he does. Faster than belief and trained since childhood with the blade, the man seems more a force of nature than a warrior. Unfortunately, he also lacks anything like control in a battle, going into a silent rage that blinds him to consequences. Once blades are drawn the fight will not end until Diarmet or his opponent are dead.

Compounding this problem is the fact that Diarmet is also a man who is stubborn to the point of stupid, and who never gives an inch when he thinks he is right. He was cast out of the tribes after he dared to publicly challenge a Tera Sheban's verdict. In front of a host of witnesses he called the judge a liar, a cheat, and accused him of letting personal prejudice taint his decisions. When the judge responded that he had no will but the will of the Fatima, Diarmet cried out that Tera Sheba must be a blind liar as well. The result of this bit of stubborn idiocy left Diarmet cast out the tribes minus his right eye.

Unfortunately Diarmet didn't learn his lesson. That he still believes that he did nothing wrong and that the Judges are all corrupt and must be cleansed led him to become an influential member of the Jackers, with no few friends among the violent Herites.

In the current situation, Diarmet will stay true to form. He will not yield an inch, he will not give an apology. In his mind he did nothing wrong. Deep down he may wish that he had not killed that boy, but he will never show any sign of it. He will not back away from a fight, or submit to any judgement that falls against him, as he firmly and completely believes that he is in the right. After all what he saw was an angry man swinging a weapon at him he did not have time to notice it was a spoon.

Alhanna's death has driven him into a rage, and convincing him to let it go will be a colossal effort. The most likely path to softening his heart is Joanna.

Agi +3, Bld +1, Fit +1, Will +2. Melee 5/+3, Dodge 3/+3, Hand to Hand 4/+3, Combat Sense 3/0, Tactics 2/0.


Despite all beliefs to the contrary, Joanna is not a former Magdelinite. She is a former Agnite grown up - who currently enjoys playing the role of the temptress. After the blood and pain in this adventure she will probably move on to a new 'hobby' (assuming she lives). In the meantime she is busy enjoying the relatively new power of her adult body, and all the male toys that she can get to play with.

The recent events have stunned Joanna. Despite her time in Hom she was really unprepared for the violence that erupted over a man trying to touch her. Confused and more than a little lost she has maintained her equilibrium by clinging to Diarmet. He has always protected her and done right by her, and if he thinks he's right in this, and if he thinks Kila needs to be killed, then that's what has to be done.

Joanna, however, is not stupid nor is she incapable of changing her mind if she is presented with an alternative that avoids the ugliness of the current situation without making her turn on Diarmet. If she can be won over she may well serve as the lever needed to shift the planetary mass of Diarmet's ego.

Agi +1, App +2, Inf +1. Dancing 2/+1, Grooming 2/+2, Seduction 3/+2, Melee 2/+1, Dodge 2/+2.


Dead at the ripe old age of 19, Alhanna was a former Yagan cum Doomsayer who was the spiritual center of Cill Dara. It was she who appeased the ghosts that once haunted the place, and it was she who led the rituals and ceremonies that kept the Cell bound together. Now she is dead, and the Cell is in confusion. Without her patient point of view there is no one to counterbalance Diarmet's rage. As she died unquietly it might be possible to contact her ghost. If this is done she may prove willing to help the characters if they can convince her they have Cill Dara's best interests at heart.


Kelley is what is left after the Melanis experimented on a youth taken from the Circle of the Chosen. A mass of scar tissue and pain, Kelley has no identifiable sex or sex organs. To make it worse it can not even remember what sex it once had, the memories of its own identity stripped away by its time under the Z'bri's care. Now Kelley lives in an almost constant state of confusion, pain, and rage that is even more volatile than Diarmet's considerable temper. Kelley is also in love with both Diarmet and Joanna, and will willingly die before any harm can come to them. About the only way to calm Kelley's rage towards the current situation is make it realize that while Fallen fights Fallen the Z'bri laugh.

Agi +2, Fit +2, Bld +1, App -2, Psy -1. Melee 3/+2, Hand to Hand 3/+2, Dodge 2/+2, Combat Sense 3/0

Johnothan, Tirell, Momicc, Thesselly

The other four surviving members of Cill Dara. Johnothan is a former Evan who has not taken up an outlook yet. Though he is in his early 30's he seems much younger and is afraid of everything these days -- especially of Diarmet. Tirell is a mouthy Herite who constantly pecks and pokes at everyone and everything around him. Momicc is the oldest member of the cell, a squat who has been in Hom so long that everyone assumes he is Fallen. He is loyal to a fault, and will follow Diarmet without a question. Thesselly is the youngest member of the cell, and is Joanna's younger cousin. Unlike Joanna she has no interest in icky boys, and wants to see the people who hurt Alhanna bleed. Brattish but impressionable, she can be coaxed about more easily than most of the rest of the cell. Though none of these four would make it in the Joanite calvary, all of them have been trained by Diarmet, and are all qualified with melee and unarmed combat.

Allies of Cill Dara

General Ties

Though he can not compare to Mek in terms of influence or prestige, Diarmet is a fairly important man among both Jackers and Herites. Many members of both outlooks have received weapons training from him, and a considerable number have had their lives saved by him while on expeditions. None of them are about to forget that now. In addition, Joanna and Alhanna have built up quite a stable of eager young beaus with more hormones than brains. Quite a few of them are enraged over the loss of Alhanna's pretty face.


Sly and angry where his sword brother Breca is simple and patient, Vincent is a man who has finally painted himself into a corner. For years now he has use blackmail, threats, and his considerable sensuality to get himself into the hearts or beds of a large number of very young ladies. One of the few who fought of all his advances was Katti, who wanted nothing to do with him. Anger at the scorn burned in his heart till recently, when his anger over Alhanna's murder coupled with the old spite at the sight of Katti coming fresh with the marks of a liaison fresh on her body. Exploding with rage he used synthesis to get Breca to help him kill her (though it honestly did not take much at that point to convince the giant). Only afterwards did he realize what had happened, and hoping to cover the murder as a Z'bri twisted tryst he mangled her body and dumped it in a back room. Vincent has himself half convinced that it was a Z'bri who forced him to commit the action, and if brought before public trial could very well speak convincingly enough to make a crowd believe it as well. If so he would be more than happy to lead the resulting hunt for the corrupter. after all there are several other scores he has to settle.

Use Magdelinite Concubine with Melee and Hand to Hand 2.


A lumbering giant of a man, Breca reminds most people of a rock: he has the worn, hard features, the endless quiet patience, and about the same amount of intelligence. Even patient Breca has been pushed past the edge in the past few days, though, and when Vincent suggested that they murder Katti, Breca went in with both fists swinging. Now he is haunted by the murder, and especially by the grisly mutilation which followed it. He is ready to break at any moment, and is not sure if running or killing himself would be a better option.

Use Joanite Warrior with +3 Bld, -1 Cre, and -1 Kno.

Cill Dara's Hold

The home of the members of Cill Dara stands just past bowshot off the south coast of Hom (to the east of where Lilith raises the land). A relic from the days before it is a tower of stone upon a small island. Taking up nearly the whole space on the ground, the tower fills the island so that there is only a small strip of ground about its base. The tower has only one door on the ground level, right beside the single quay for docking boats. There are no other doors, nor any windows for almost 30 feet up; the face of the building is simply solid stone. The top of the tower is broken off, leaving the top level to serve as a roof. Cell members have taken to growing vegetables there, and have a decent garden as well as several chickens. Diarmet has also set up wooden palisades about the edge of the roof, making perfect cover for anyone firing bows onto those below. Combine this with the narrow walkway to the door and the fact that there is water available in the basement and the hold of Cill Dara is for all intents and purposes a fortress.

Kila's Own

Kila the Fat

The image of Eva made flesh, Kila is a mountain of a woman in every way. The magnetic nature of her deep sexuality has made her a mother and lover figure to the Fallen since she was cast out of Eva's tribe nearly 14 years ago. Cast out because she was caught giving the Fallen the aid they needed to survive those hard years, she came to Hom almost as if in triumph rather than shame. From that day forward she has led a fringe movement of Herites who care for the Fallen with one hand, and strike brutal raids against Tribal supplies and leaders with the other.

Kila's strength does not end with her allies or the resources she commands either. Her personality is sa huge as her body. Magnetic and compelling, she rules her home like the queen she is. Nothing is ever unimportant to Kila, and every situation is met with a passionate intensity that has been compared to the rushing power of a mudslide. Unfortunately, with this compelling and deep personality comes an arrogant streak that never lets Kila believe that she is wrong.

Now Kila is in full avalanche mode. Diarmet has murdered four of her children, two of them stabbed in the back. To make things worse, he has also started calling in his allies, and Kila has no doubt that if Diarmet is left alive that more of her children will die. This she will not allow, and has let herself be blinded to the consequences of this little war. If things play out in blood, Kila may not be able to face life after being partly responsible for so many deaths.

Bld +3, Inf +2, Fit -2, Psy +1, Will +1. Leadership 3/+2, Tactics 2/0. Synthesis 3, Anima, Smothering.


The youngest member of Kila's Own, Zachari met his fate on the sharp end of Diarmet's sword. He would have been 16 in two weeks. Though many are angry that this apple-cheeked youth was killed by the battle hardened Diarmet, those who really knew him were not that surprised. Zachari was banished from Eva's tribe for rape and battery, and he was something of a braggart and a bully. He was always very careful about who he bullied and pushed, and who saw him do it, though. As a result many, (Kila included) only saw his slightly pudgy cheeks and ready smile. The fact that he did not back down from Diarmet was probably due to the fact that he had a fair amount of libs and beer that night.


Eloquent and elegant, this former Tera Sheban is the member of Kati's own most often at the Cage. There, she uses her knowledge of law and of Fallen tradition to try and turn the hearts and minds of the people against Cill Dara. In the past day she has been staying out of sight a bit more, using friends and intermediaries to spread her message. She still stays close by to advise them, however.

Jen is very devoted to Kila, who saved her life when she first came to Hom. Having seen the miserable conditions of most of the Fallen and knowing how well she lives in comparison has made her even more loyal. She would never do anything to harm or disappoint Kila, and so is unlikely to be reasonable in this situation. She also is a master of Truth, and knows just how to ask questions to let people give responses that skirt just under the edge of what the aspect allows.

Use Sheban Advocate with Leadership 2 and Theatrics 2.


In the playground, Wid was the king of hide-and-go-seek. Able to track and move without a sound, he never got caught unless he wanted to, and no one that he wanted to catch ever got away from him. That is actually what ended up getting him exiled -- catching Agnes' favorites a little too often (or so he tells it). Growing up in the hard conditions of early Hom left Wid even harder and more brutal than he had been before. He found that it was all too easy to stalk and kill those who had the things that he needed to live.

Wid would have been caught and put down eventually if it was not for Kila. Seeing a starving youth (who she did not know had been about to put a knife in her) Kila gave Wid food, shelter, and playmates. Even more important to the young man was that she also gave him protection, and eventually introduced him to the Herites. That outlook was able to make good use of Wid's skill with stalking.

Currently Wid is keeping a low profile, his head down and his face out of the public eye. He is trying to figure ways into Cill Dara's hold, knowing that even Diarmet is vulnerable while he sleeps. All this could end so easily if he could just find one little hole.

Use Herite with Agi +2, Sneak 4, and Synthesis 2.


Morn is a mutiny waiting to happen. Before his old friends Pridairig and Grim swept him under Kila's wing he had been trying to impose his leadership upon his fledgling "cell." When they decided to join with the powerful Kila he went along, more afraid of being alone then worried about loosing power. Ever since then, however, he has hated and resented Kila for having the charisma he does not. Convinced that he would be a better leader than Kila, he had been preparing to stage a coup before the current troubles. His mutterings into Pridairig, Solvitch, and even Wid's ears have started to have an effect upon their moral. Now he waits and bides his time -- a perfect fuse for the PCs to set off.

Use Herite with Psy -2.

Elthie, Grim, Pridairig, and Solvitch

The remaining members of Kila's Own are all Herites and mostly angry with everything in the world -- including each other. Elthie is a frustrated young Magdalite who is increasingly bitter over the fact that her young body is not "developing" as it is supposed to. Self-centered and diffident, she is considering sneaking out the back way and letting the others rot. Grim and Pridairig are former members of Raven's Shadow who left when they grew dissatisfied with being low men on the totem pole. Violent and sneaky, they often help Wid on his strikes. Solvitch is a former Yagan and now raises goats and pigs in the woods near the house. A bit on the simple side, he is more likely to hide than to fight. He will, however, do what he can to help Kila.

Use Herite for all

Reshi, Deker, Myfai

The three best fighters of Kila's Own, all recently dead by Diarmet's hand. Reshi was an unpleasant piece of work, a member of Raven's band who left when he quarreled with the boss once too often. He was the one that tried to bully Diarmet, even when his companions were getting nervous. Deker and Myfai were both fallen Joanites who were rather slow in the head. Deker tried to run when Myfai and Reshi were dead, but Diarmet hamstrung him and then slit his throat from behind. Those who hate Diarmet have not missed the fact that two of the four people he has killed in the last week were stabbed in the back.

Allies of Kila's Own

General Allies

Kila is a favorite advisor among the Herites. Though she rarely goes out on strikes with any of the radical bands, she quite often assists them in their planning and equipping for the missions. She also often helps heal them when they come back. In addition to the Herites, many Lightbringers are connected with Jen, and she is well known and respected among that group. Finally, though few know and fewer care Kila has been one of the few Fallen who has constantly and consistently reached out to runaway serfs and squats. Though they are scattered and without influence or much power, those that she has helped never forget those acts of kindness, and will do anything within their power to help her.


The man who had enjoyed Katti's attentions just before she was murdered, Moriturk falls in with Kila after Vincent and Breca murder Katti. A Doomsayer of some small repute, Moriturk is quiet, laconic, and more than a bit cynical. He really does not want to be caught in the middle of a war, but he is currently angry enough about the death of his mistress to stand up to the slings and arrows of fortune.

Use Child of Lilith


A cute little thing with fluffy blonde hair and a face like peaches and cream, Katti was a regular of Ile Perdue with a taste for the pain of big strong types. She was always in control of any encounter though, and that led her to scorn Vincent one time too often. When she got caught alone by the scorned man and Breca she tried to face her way out. It did not work, and her mutilated body was dumped inside Ile Perdue to keep her murder from being solved. At the Weaver's discretion her ghost could now walk the halls of that place, looking for vengeance on men.

Kila's Home

Though not so formidable as Cill Dara's fortress, Kila's home in still a secure structure on good ground. Located up the north side of the Split Tongue, it is the basement and first floor of an old building from the time before. It is in the center of a knotty tangle of oak and birch trees that make approaching it difficult. Half of the top floor is caved in, the rest has the windows largely boarded over. There are two doors, one in the front and one on the left side. The basement can only be accessed from inside the house -- it used to have a door to the rear, but it is now covered with rubble.


Helbe Gri'om

A former Evan, Helbe is about as unremarkable as any fallen ever gets. A quiet, harmless fellow, his looks and manner are so plain and unassuming that people often forget what he looked like just moments after having spoken with him. This makes him rather difficult for the characters to track as few people remember that he was present the night of the first killing, and even fewer have any clue what happened to him since.

Though there is little external that sets Helbe apart, he has a good heart and a solid grip on reality. In the chaotic and often unstable world of the fallen he is a bastion of good sense and solid ways. He never lets himself get too far out of control and he is always very careful in all his dealings. Though he would never admit it, he nearly hero worships Deus, wanting to be a poet like the much more famous fallen Lightbringer.

Helbe is the only person who actually, really saw all of the events that fateful night and actually remembers them free of the taint of the stories that have grown up about it. His solid practicality and sense can be of great help in stabilizing the situation -- assuming he can be found and convinced to help. The tale at the beginning of this adventure is what Helbe will tell.

Use Merchant with Psy +2 and Theatrics 2.


The owner of Junks, Barber is something of a father figure to many of the Fallen in Hom. He was in the main room when the murder happened, but was busy with the keeper set-up sound system at the time. The best services that he can give the characters is telling them straight that almost no one there actually saw what happened, as well as giving them a fairly good list of those who were there that night. He will remember Helbe, but it may take some prodding to get him to do so.

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