In order to simplify the character generation process, or in order to have stats for generic NPCs, this page provides a collection of archetypes for characters. These represent some of the more typical types of people that can be found in and about Vimary. They are not complete player characters, but rather represent the basic skills and abilities that such types commonly have. Players who base their character off one of these archetypes need only worry about spending the left over points to round out and individualize their characters, thus speeding and simplifying character generation. Weavers in need of quick NPCs can simply use these archetypes as is.

Each archetype includes a brief description of the type, including where they are most often found and what they will commonly be doing. It then has the base attributes and skills for the type, and the cost for this basic package. Finally it comes with a list of standard equipment for the type. Note that only the Sister template comes with synthesis as part of the archetype, as it is such a rare and wondrous skill.

Weavers Screen Archetypes

This table gives the character and skill point costs for the Archetypes that came with the Weavers Screen and Assistant. Full write ups for these archetypes can be found on pages 40 - 46 of that book.

Barren Agnite

Dahlian Dancer

Evan Nurse

Joanite Cavalry

Char 15, Skill 13

Char 24, Skill 13

Char 19, Skill 33

Char 19, Skill 20

Joanite Watch

Joanite Weaponshaper

Magdalite Diplomat


Char 19, Skill 16

Char 24, Skill 24

Char 29, Skill 34

Char 24, Skill 17

Pelis Artisan


Terasheban Advocate


Char 21, Skill 35

Char 15, Skill 21

Char 19, Skill 20

Char 19, Skill 29


Tera Sheban Archetypes

These Archetypes are detailed in Word of the Pillars, page 79. Obviously no one is going to be starting the game as a Judge or higher….

Stiltwalker (fisher)

Stiltwalker (guide)

Lorekeeper (explorer)

Advocate (investigator)

Char 27, Skill 26

Char 30, Skill 45

Char 35, Skill 57

Char 32, Skill 43


High Judge

Char 24, Skill 67

Char 55, Skill 143


Word of the Fates Archetypes

These Archetypes are detailed in Word of the Fates, pages 99 - 101 (Magdalite), 112 - 113 (Evan), and 123 - 124 (Yagan).

Bloodied Rose


Gatherer (Herbalist)

Gatherer (Observer)

Char 23, Skill 27

Char 27, Skill 34

Char 27, Skill 57

Char 35, Skill 89





Char 30, Skill 41

Char 46, Skill 138

Char 43, 131

Char 24, Skill 23

Nanny (Warrior)

Nanny (Field-Worker)

Nurse (Caretaker)

Matron (Family)

Char 44, Skill 19

Char 32, Skill 35

Char 24, Skill 28

Char 30, Skill 38

Matron (Village)

Mordred Guard

Mordred Bonecrafter


Char 57, Skill 63

Char 25, Skill 45

Char 33, Skill 72

Char 30, Skill 122

Daemon Seekers

Pelis Artisan - Seer

Flesher - Diplomat


Char 33, Skill 115

Char 25, Skill 68

Char 25, Skill 138 



Trial by Fire Archetypes

These Archetypes are presented in Trial by Fire, page 109

Agnite Favorite

Flesher Assassin

Char 14, Skill 13

Char 11, Skill 28


Companion Archetypes

These Archetypes are all stated in the back of the Tribe 8 Companion, but lack write ups. So here are the write ups along with the point costs. Note that some of these stats were changed in Warrior Unbound. For simplicity they statistics have been left as they were in the Companion.

Magdalite Concubine

The concubines are the face that most Tribals think of when Magdalen's tribe in mentioned. They are the lovers, the courtesans, and the purveyors of pleasure in many forms. However, only a fool would think them simple prostitutes. Concubines know that there are many forms of luxury and pleasure, and that sex is only one of them. For this reason they all train in music, dance, or crafts that bring beauty. There is also a darker side to the Concubines, both in that they know that pain can be as alluring as pleasure, and in that they are not afraid to use both to gain information that will be useful to Magdalen.

Highlights: Sensual, resourceful, free.

Attributes: App +2, INF +1. STA 25, UD 3, AD 3. (Cost 21)

Skills: Grooming 2/+2, Seduction 2/+2, Streetwise 1/+1. (Cost 9)

Equipment: Several sets of provocative clothing, hazers, various 'toys', a few luxury items.

Yagan Mordred

These are the witch-kin, the keepers of the deepest secrets. They alone know the hidden mysteries of death, the secrets of the Z'Bri, and the deepest darkest nature of the River of Dream. The chosen of Baba Yaga they know the most secret rituals and spells. Few even among the Yagans trust a Mordred.

Highlights: Dark, Unnerving, Driven.

Attributes: PSY +1, WIL +2. STA 30, UD 3, AD 3. (Cost 21)

Skills: Dreaming 2/+1, Ritual 2/0, Synthesis (Curse) 2. (Cost 33)

Equipment: Ritual Implements, Skins.

Child of Lilith

Though Lilith fell, She proved in Her last moments of life that She was as true to the Eighth Tribe as any other. Fatima or not She was a great leader, a mother, a friend, and a child to many who would have perished without Her hand. Now even though She is gone Her legacy lives on in Her Children. The Children of Lilith are the "jack of all trades" of the Fallen. They do not specialize so much in one aspect as the others do, but for that very reason act as a glue for the differing views of the other Outlooks.

Highlights: Dedicated.

Attributes: PSY +1. (Cost 13)

Skills: Lore (Lilith) 2/0, Melee 1/0. (Cost 9)

Equipment: Sword of Lilith (Acc +1, AD +13)


Heavily preoccupied with prophecy and the future, the Doomsayers are readers of omens and old mysteries. They are the soul of the Eighth Tribe, always reminding the others of their destiny and their place in the world. They can, however, become strange and frightening in their obsession with the darker parts of prophecy.

Highlights: Watchful and Mysterious

Attributes: KNO +1, PSY +2 (Cost 21)

Skills: Dreaming 2/+2, Lore (Joshua) 1/+1, Ritual 2/+1 (Cost 18)

Equipment: Various talismans and ritual implements.


When the Herites were cast out of the Tribes they did not fall, they became free. Born of anger at the Fatimas and the restrictive practices of the Tribes, the Herites are those who burn for freedom -- the freedom to worship the Goddess directly, the freedom to live as they see fit, and the freedom to find their own destiny. In their quest for freedom the Herites often become the most radical of the Fallen.

Highlights: Radical, insightful.

Attributes: AGI +1 (Cost 13)

Skills: Combat Sense 1/0, Dodge 1/+1, Melee 2/+1, Sneak 2/+1 (Cost 14)

Equipment: Sword (AD + 8), Knife (AD +3).


The most aggressive of the Fallen, the Jackers are born of rage and betrayal. Cunning, hard, and often brutal, they are the warriors of the Eighth Tribe who carry the fight to the Beasts.

Highlights: Harsh and Cunning.

Attributes: AGI +1, FIT +1 (Cost 16)

Skills: Combat Sense 2/0, Dodge 1/+1, Hand to Hand 1/+1, Lore (Z'bri) 1/0, Melee 2/+1. (Cost 12)

Equipment: Sword (AD + 10), Armor (AR 10)


The leaders and politicians of the Eighth Tribe, the Lightbringers face the difficult task of uniting the quarreling and factitious Fallen into a real Tribe. Masters of oratory, conviction, and leadership they are the most friendly of the Fallen.

Highlights: Bold, charismatic.

Attributes: INF +1, WIL +1 (Cost 16)

Skills: Etiquette 1/0, Leadership 2/+1, Theatrics 1/0 (Cost 6)

Equipment: Varies.

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