The Tribe Suits

Agnes the Child

Description: A pretty porcelain doll in a lacy dress, clutched by a lumbering bear with shears and blades for fingers.

Upright Meaning: Inspiration: the Power of Youth

Fallen Meaning: Capriciousness: the Faliability of Youth

An Agnite - The Innocent

Description: A small child, sitting cross-legged at the bank of a river or pool, looking down in wonder at his own reflection.

Upright Meaning: Innocence

Fallen Meaning: Naivete

Pair of Agnites - The Game

Description: Two children sitting at a table upon which is a boardgame, strewn with tokens and dice. One child moves a token while the other reads a card.

Upright Meaning: Wisdom through Folly

Fallen Meaning: Useless manuevering

Three Agnites - The Bully

Description: One heavy-set child looms over a smaller, slighter child while a third child looks on approvingly.

Upright Meaning: Compliance through Persuasion

Fallen Meaning: Compliance through Force

The Agnites - Playground

Description: A knot of children on an open field: a ball arcs over them, but it is uncertain whether the children are chasing the ball or fighting amongst themselves.

Upright Meaning: Power of Chaos

Fallen Meaning: Entropy & Loss of Unrestrained Chaos

Baba Yaga the Crone

Description: A skull with its eye sockets lit up with power and life, the teeth stretched into a dead woman's smile.

Upright Meaning: Death -- the End

Fallen Meaning: Death without Solace -- Eternal Torment

A Yagan - The Dreamer

Description: A woman stands hip-deep in rushing water, looking up into a sky full of stars. Similarily, her reflection looks down... into nothing.

Upright Meaning: Vision

Fallen Meaning: Blindness

Pair of Yagans - The Pallbearers

Description: Two men carry a coffin to an open grave in the distance.

Upright Meaning: Death as Completion of a Good Life

Fallen Meaning: Ignoble Death

Three Yagans - The Library

Description: A vast room with a high over-arching ceiling opens, its walls covered with stretched and tanned hides tattooed and scarified with the collected wisdom of the Yagans. A handful of scholars work at desks, poring over the skins.

Upright Meaning: Knowledge or Lore

Fallen Meaning: Forbidden or Dangerous Knowledge

The Yagans - Catacombs

Description: The picture seems to suggest age and rot, a dampness and chill that never leaves the bones. Rows and rows of coffins and crypts line the walls and fill the stone-walled room. A spider in the corner is the only living thing in the room.

Upright Meaning: Surrender to Fate

Fallen Meaning: Taking Fate into one's own hands

Dahlia the Trickster

Description: A starburst with a face at the center, with an array of masks radiating out at the edges.

Upright Meaning: Truth

Fallen Meaning: Deception

A Dahlian - The Performer

Description: A man standing stiffly, arms spread wide and chin lifted as if he were giving an oration.

Upright Meaning: One's part in a larger whole

Fallen Meaning: "The Prima Donna" -- Out of one's place to the detriment of the Play

Pair of Dahlians - Trade

Description: Two women stand, dressed in tattered and colorful clothing, exchange a chicken for a leather bag.

Upright Meaning: Exchange of Goods

Fallen Meaning: Cheat

Three Dahlians - The Pageant

Description: One man, dressed richly, stabs a woman similarily dressed, as another man looks on from the sidelines. The whole scene is encapsulated within the frame of a stage.

Upright Meaning: Literal Pageant, or an entire Life

Fallen Meaning: Subterfuge and Duplicity

The Dahlians - The Caravan

Description: A train of wagons with a few colorfully-dressed men and women walking along beside it.

Upright Meaning: Travel

Fallen Meaning: Homelessness

Eva the Mother

Description: The bulbous earthen body instantly recognizable as Eva the Mother.

Upright Meaning: Mother's Love

Fallen Meaning: Smothering

An Evan - Winter

Description: One thin old man, wrapped in thin blankets and looking forlorn.

Upright Meaning: Inner Strength to Overcome

Fallen Meaning: Suffering

Pair of Evans - Sowing

Description: A naked man and a woman copulating amidst sprouting flowers.

Upright Meaning: Creation / Children

Fallen Meaning: Distraction

Three Evans - Harvest

Description: A man and a woman hold a baby upside-down by its ankles. The man holds a knife to the child's throat, and blood spills to the ground. Where the blood falls, plantlife blooms.

Upright Meaning: Bounty

Fallen Meaning: Price

The Evans - The Plantation

Description: Squat buildings surround a patchwork quilt of green fields; scores of men and women dot the fields, working and talking.

Upright Meaning: Community

Fallen Meaning: Parochialism

Joan the Warrior

Description: A broad sword thrust into the ground; images of battle are vaguely visible in the blade's reflection.

Upright Meaning: Devotion to Duty

Fallen Meaning: Gullibility

A Joanite - The Soldier

Description: A young man, armored and armed, quite obviously prepared for battle.

Upright Meaning: Orders and Dedication

Fallen Meaning: Lack of Initiative

Pair of Joanites - The Duel

Description: Two Joanites stand with swords crossed, shoulders and feet leaning forward in battle.

Upright Meaning: Resolution

Fallen Meaning: Petty Squabbles

Three Joanites - The Guard

Description: Three Joanites stride through a crowd of people in the Bazaar, eyes alert and wary.

Upright Meaning: Protectors

Fallen Meaning: Oppressors

The Joanites - The Army

Description: A mass of Joanites, armed and ready for battle.

Upright Meaning: Valor

Fallen Meaning: Mercenaries

Magdalen the Lover

Description: A four-poster bed, curtains drawn, surrounded by cats.

Upright Meaning: Pleasure

Fallen Meaning: Exploitation

A Magdalite - The Diplomat

Description: A young woman, arms outstretched and mouth open in oration.

Upright Meaning: Diplomacy

Fallen Meaning: Treachery

Pair of Magdalites - The Lovers

Description: A man and a woman embrace, their stance familiar and telling. The man dips his head to kiss the woman.

Upright Meaning: Marriage

Fallen Meaning: Infidelity

Three Magdalites - Apothecary

Description: The shoulders of two women frame the upper body of a third, who holds forth a vial to the two others, an insinuating smile on his face.

Upright Meaning: Open to Experience

Fallen Meaning: Stupor

The Magdalites - The Orgy

Description: This card is The Orgy. What do you think it portrays?

Upright Meaning: Indulgence

Fallen Meaning: Overindulgence, Gluttony

Tera Sheba the Wise

Description: Three heads, one blindfolded, one with ears covered, one gagged.

Upright Meaning: Justice

Fallen Meaning: Oppression

A Tera Sheban - The Archivist

Description: A sole man at a desk piled high with skins and papers.

Upright Meaning: The Support of Tradition

Fallen Meaning: Confining of Tradition

Pair of Tera Shebans - Argument

Description: Two women point fingers at eachother, mouths open wide in exclamation.

Upright Meaning: Discussion, Exchange of Ideas

Fallen Meaning: Inability to Communicate

Three Tera Shebans - The Tribunal

Description: Three Tera Shebans sit behind a wide desk, looking stern.

Upright Meaning: Judgement

Fallen Meaning: Condemnation

The Tera Shebans - The Verdict

Description: A wooden gavel polished so high onlooking faces can be seen in the reflection.

Upright Meaning: Codification of Truth

Fallen Meaning: Bastardization of Truth

The Trump Suit

The World Before

Description: A street filled with cars, people, and flashing lights -- alien and strange.

Upright Meaning: Great Acheivement

Fallen Meaning: Hubris

This card is commonly associated with Keepers


Description: The ravenous monster that can be seen in Joanite Towers' stained glass windows, standing tall with an army of Z'bri surrounding him, arms lifted in supplication and support.

Upright Meaning: Literal, or any threat

Fallen Meaning: Literal, or Destruction

This card is commonly associated with Z'bri


Description: Figures huddled in cloaks, hiding behind the corner of a building. The third figure holds something glowing beneath its cloak.

Upright Meaning: Enlightenment

Fallen Meaning: Incomplete Success

The Fold

Description: A strict delineation between a cloudscape and a mountain range. Z'bri cower on the mountaintops.

Upright Meaning: Protection & Barriers

Fallen Meaning: Entrapment

The Camps - Crucible

Description: Hellish flesh-pits and dejected people, a picture of horror and revulsion.

Upright Meaning: A Time of Suffering that Forces Power to the Surface

Fallen Meaning: Pointless Suffering

This card is commonly associated with the Fatimas


Description: A shadow-faced man with an outstretched hand, in which are eight seeds.

Upright Meaning: Guidance

Fallen Meaning: False Promises

This card is commonly associated with Guides

River of Dream

Description: A river purling at its shores, displaying a treacherous undercurrent.

Upright Meaning: Spirituality

Fallen Meaning: Disconnection

Joshua the Ravager

Description: The Fatima of Vengeance in all his glory, paper wings flying behind him, great sword and hammer mowing down Z'bri, mouth open in a shout you can almost hear.

Upright Meaning: War

Fallen Meaning: Mindless Destruction

This card is commonly associated with Jackers


Description: A knife is buried soundly between the roots of Joshua's great paper wings.

Upright Meaning: Betrayal

Fallen Meaning: Prophecy of Joshua -- Vengeance

The Nation - Vimary

Description: A crude map of the island of Vimary, with the standards of the Tribes placed on their territories.

Upright Meaning: Literal, or Safety

Fallen Meaning: Delusions of Safety

Circle of Chosen

Description: A ring of stones and pillars surrounded by dark woods.

Upright Meaning: Glorious Sacrifice

Fallen Meaning: Conformity

The Fallen - The Eighth Tribe

Description: A rag-tag group of people who look out of the card with a baleful malevolence born of rage and dispossession.

Upright Meaning: The Dispossessed

Fallen Meaning: Disreputable and Dangerous Characters

This card is commonly associated with Herites

Hom - The Gate

Description: The Gate of the Banished, through which can be seen the storefront of Junks, the Shelter, and in the center, Hallows.

Upright Meaning: Hope

Fallen Meaning: Den of Iniquity

This card is commonly associated with Lightbringers


Description: A starscape, constellations and planets clearly marked.

Upright Meaning: Orderly progression of Fate

Fallen Meaning: Crux in the progression of Fate; a turning point

This card is commonly associated with Doomsayers

Blood and Sacrifice

Description: Carte Blanche -- Aside from the caption at the bottom, the card is blank.

Upright Meaning: Prophecy, Destiny, Sacrifice

Fallen Meaning: Unnecessary Blood and Sacrifice to no purpose or end. Senseless and ill-planned destruction.

This card is commonly associated with the Eighth Tribe

One Goddess

Description: Perhaps it is a river, perhaps it is the sky, but very faintly, you can see a serene face beyond the details of the card.

Upright Meaning: Eternity, Communion with Divinity

Fallen Meaning: Stillborn Prophecy

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