"The cards of Joshua, Mary and Lilith are no longer used; at least not by me. Some hopeful Doomsayers might shuffle the Joshuans into the deck, or the Children, growing more contemplative every day, may take up their own cards to scry some meaning into their lives. The Marions -- I only know of one woman who uses Marion cards, and only because they are, to her, a fond memory. I have, on one occasion, drawn the Bather when I am quite certain I had not added it to my deck. It seems the River of Dream has a similar memory."

--- Dannae, Seeress and Doomsayer

Joshuan Cards

Joshua the Ravager

Description: The resplendent and awful figure of Joshua the Ravager, wings spread, hammer and sword raised, mouth open in a war cry you can almost hear.

Upright Meaning: Righteous Fury

Fallen Meaning: Blind Rage

A Joshuan - The Survivor

Description: A lone man with a Joshuan sigil tattooed on his forehead. Equipped and clothed for the Outlands, he stands resolute: he is not going anywhere.

Upright Meaning: Survival Despite All Odds

Fallen Meaning: Adamant Insistence on what is No Longer Important

Pair of Joshuans - The Duel

Description: Two Joshuans, stripped down to pants, circle eachother in an arena, blood in their eyes.
Note: this is the original Duel card. -- Dannae

Upright Meaning: Resolution through Conflict

Fallen Meaning: Needless Bloodshed

Three Joshuans - The War Party

Description: Three women, each carrying a miscellany of weapons and sporting heavy armor, seem to stride right off the card.

Upright Meaning: Acheivement through Force

Fallen Meaning: A solution too powerful for the situation

The Joshuans

Description: A horde of warriors crashing down a slope, across a river, and right into the viewer's face. Their eyes are fierce, their weapons are raised, and there is no doubt what they are there to do.

Upright Meaning: Destruction

Fallen Meaning: Needless Destruction

Marion Cards

Mary the Forgiver

Description: A woman, dressed recognizably as Mary the Forgiver, standing with wide open arms. A child is running into them.

Upright Meaning: Unconditional Forgiveness

Fallen Meaning: Denial of Earnest Penance

A Marion - The Bather

Description: A woman kneels near a river, her hands dipped into the cool water. Her face wears a calm expression.

Upright Meaning: Cleansing Purity

Fallen Meaning: Polluting Depravation

Pair of Marions - The Healers

Description: A man lays obviously wounded in some capacity. A women works dilligently in bracing his wounds.

Upright Meaning: Reward Through Effort

Fallen Meaning: Shallow Meaning Behind Half-Hearted Attempts

Three Marions - Mercy

Description: Standing in a row leading to a small hut are two women and one man. They hold food, a drinking skin, and a blanket. The path they create is inviting.

Upright Meaning: Compassion

Fallen Meaning: Derision

The Marions - The Unremembered

Description: A group of people stand with arms out streched and hands clasped into a brilliant sky. Their forms are wispy, insinuating they are not real but merely shades. The group literally thins the further from the center they are.

Upright Meaning: Forgotten but Reclaimable Wisdom

Fallen Meaning: Irretreivable Lost Wisdom

Lilithian Cards

Lilith the Liberator

Description: Lilith the Liberator, composed of the relics of Joshua, stands, sword raised, eye blazing, mouth open to deliver prophecy.

Upright Meaning: Noble Causes

Fallen Meaning: Deception and Betrayal

A Child of Lilith - The Questor

Description: Ardatli Maque, armed and armored, forges into the Outlands, sword drawn. The shadows of Z'bri are sillhouetted on the next hill.

Upright Meaning: Courage

Fallen Meaning: Foolishness

Pair of Children - Defenders

Description: A pair of Children, armed and armored, stand at either side of the gate to Hom, alert and ready to defend their home.

Upright Meaning: Defense of the Fallen

Fallen Meaning: Guarding an Empty Dream

Three Children - The Seekers

Description: Three figures, armed and armored, looking for something. One looks under a rock, another peers into the river, and the third looks up to the sky, arms raised beseechingly.

Upright Meaning: Search for Meaning

Fallen Meaning: Confusion

The Children of Lilith - The Abandoned

Description: A small gathering of men and women, armed and armored, sitting in the ruins of Lilith's palace. Their faces are dejected and without purpose.

Upright Meaning: Loss of Purpose

Fallen Meaning: Abandonment

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