It is a curious thing to be Fallen. When I passed under the Gate of the Banished, I expected to find a sort of alternate society, organized in defiance of the Tribes, governed by the best and the wisest that the Fatimas could not bear to hear, fed by an economy based off of the clever work of unorthodox hands, and united in a belief and hope in their own destiny as the Eighth Tribe.

What I found instead was a chaotic mess of petty squabbles and motivations that had more to do with hunger than the Prophecy of Joshua, and it did not take me long to learn that the only things we have are what we can scrape together ourselves. We don't have much, but I pray that it will be enough.

-- Hal Ninva, member of the Eighth Tribe

General Resources

Reaping the HarvestThe authors of Harvest of Thorns give a guided tour of the Book of Legends, and explain how best to apply the material to your Tribe 8 cycle.
The BloodgroveThe Fallen share frightened whispers of the Bloodgrove, and say that it is cursed. Morbid and cruel, the Bloodgrove waits in the shadowed bower of Hom's forests, waiting for the foolish to enter it. Those who do rarely come out, and those who escape are forever changed. The Bloodgrove is a setting element that can be incorporated into an existing game, or create the setting of a short or one-shot adventure.
Archetype ListThis listing gives the point budget of most of the currently published character archetypes. The information is useful in determining exactly how formidable the NPCs you're throwing at your players are, as well as making it easier to base characters off of these templates: all you need to do is spend what points are left over.
The Destiny DeckIn the hands of Dannae, Doomsayer and Seer, the Destiny Deck has been refined from its Yagan origin to include the concerns and issues of the Children of Prophecy. Discover the import of the Pair of Agnites, the terror of The Fold, and the promise of the Dreamer. Used as either a prop in the hands of Doomsayers within the game, or as a wild card in the hands of the Weaver, the Destiny Deck is a useful resource for adding intriguing detail and an indelible mystique to your Tribe 8 story.

Adventure Cycles

Circle and Cell
Introductory Adventure
Let's face it: the world of Tribe 8 is vast and dynamic and full of potential and possibility for adventure, spirituality, politics, and just about everything else. The very vastness that we all love can, however, make it difficult to get started in the game for the first time -- especially if you are new to weaving.

So in order to help out those of you who are just getting into the game, and just starting to feel your way towards a game, we present this short introductory adventure. Nothing here is long, or difficult, or overly complicated or political. So sit back, relax, and let us help you into the world of Tribe 8.

And Justice For AllThe characters are thrust into the role of peace keepers between two powerful cells of fallen who are headed for war with each other. Well connected, violent, and more concerned with vengeance than with justice, these cells threaten to drag Hom into a gang war that could disrupt the growing unity of the 8th Tribe as well as bringing the Watch and the Crucible down upon the fallen like the wrath of the Seed.
Devotion's PriceA harrowing trip into the dark Outlands to retrieve the Fallen Liberation hero Kinkade from his self-imposed exile. The Oulands hold horrors both physical and spiritual, horrors which Kinkade has overcome only by mastering them. The great man the Fallen expect to find at the source of the river is not the same man as he was...

House Rules

Dual-Eminence SynthesisAn optional rule conferring a bonus to uses of Synthesis that fit both of the dreamer's Eminences.
Fist LoadsA 'fist load' is something, preferably heavy, that you can wrap your fist around to give it that extra bit of 'oomph' when it connects with the Joanite's jaw. These range from rolls of coins to crowbars to full-fledged gauntlets.
SpecializationMore in-depth rules for Skill Specialization, allowing characters to more fully develop their abilities.
Winter's CloakA secret Aspect of the Joanite clan Fir'on, followers of Winter Wolf, which confers protection from the elements.

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