Winter's Cloak

A new Aspect was unfortunately omitted from the manuscript of Word of the Pillars (DP9-808). Here it is:

Winter's Cloak, Aspect of the Guild of the Winter Wolf (WIL, Threshold 3)

Winter's Cloak is an Aspect learned by members of the Winter Wolf. No one outside of the Winter Wolves is allowed to learn this Aspect, as it is a defining element of a Wolf Guildsman.

Winter's Cloak is a survival ability that grants the dreamer the capability of traveling and surviving under extremely cold and hostile conditions. The wielder of the Aspect, upon making a WIL roll vs. 3, will be able to withstand freezing temperatures for a number of hours equal to the Margin of Success.

Winter's Cloak also allows the dreamer to cross difficult terrain, including: frozen lakes, deep snow, icy rivers and wind ravaged peaks, with an ease that mimics a wolf. Players with this Aspect do not suffer wound modifiers while under its effect; a new roll, however, cannot be made until the previous use of the Aspect has "worn off."

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