Look back upon the path you took to get here, child. See where the path was brightly lit and clear. See where you stumbled. See where you lost your way. See where, in the darkest depths, you struggled to remember who you were and where you were going. Look on all of this, child, and see your journey.

Do not simply look upon it and forget. The Goddess has given us memory so that we may look back and learn from our past mistakes. See where the way was unclear, and you sought the easiest path? See where you abandoned the path to seek after the dancing lights on the horizon? See where you remembered your goals again, and came striding up the path? Scrutinize these memories, child. Examine them. Understand them.

Then, perhaps, you will come to know where you are travelling to.

-- Veruka the Wraith, member of the Eighth Tribe

Books are presented in order of publication:

T8 Rulebook
Brand Robins
"Okay - I am not going to gush, I am not going to scream that Tribe 8 is the greatest game ever, and the Dream Pod 9 the greatest company ever. Others have done that quite enough already. What I am going to try to do is give a balanced review of the game based on several adventures played through."
Seven out of Seven Fatimas
Brand Robins
"In this case we've been given a setting book that is well worth the money. Vimary is one of the brick shithouses of setting books, and aside from a few minor flaws stands as a near perfect example of how to make a setting book. "
Seven out of Seven Fatimas
Children of Lilith
Josh Roby
"The plot arc of Tribe 8 begins with a bang, a brat, and undoubtable success... The plan and execution of Children of Lillith is a masterstroke of game design, primed to sweep the characters into action and gathering all their disparate motivations and applying the bundled force to the enigma of Lillith."
Six out of Seven Fatimas
T8 Companion
Brand Robins
"The book is well written, well designed, and moderately useful. It is not, however, an essential product for the line and is more workhorse than brilliant."
Five out of Seven Fatimas
Book of Legends
Brand Robins
"The Book of Legends was a book with a very good concept, but that ended up being undercut by some mistakes in design and a few shortcuts that were taken by the people at the Pod."
Four out of Seven Fatimas.
Word of the Fates
Josh Roby
"The Tribes of the Fates, enigmatic and occult, are presented -- and not presented -- with varying degrees of skill and style. After this treatment, however, the Fates remain enigmatic: Word of the Fates presented too little information in too loose a manner to give these Tribes the definition they deserve."
Three out of Seven Fatimas.

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