If I close my eyes, I can be in Vimary again. I can forget the sunshine and palm trees outside my window, forget the hospital, forget even the bed I sit on. In a strange way, I can dive into the River of Dream and come up for breath just off the Stone Shores. For a moment I can walk among the people in Bazaar, with but not of them, observing them from my priviledged position above them, but it does not last.

I am dragged down into them and then below them, dropping from Creator to wretch, from demigod to outcast. I can feel the grime on my skin, and open my grime-spattered eyes to watch the Tribals go about their daily affairs. My eyes narrow automatically as I find that hard, certain disdain that serves as my foundation. I keep to the shadows, because I will be beaten if I do not. There is a knot in my belly, and I am here to steal food from Lai because Hom is barren. I am a hungry, starving wretch. I am desperate and furious. I am Fallen.

-- Josh Roby, Herite of the World Before

This site is an effort of the Wicked Ink Writing Group (not to be confused with these guys), a motley collection of writers from California to Michigan to Canada, and even at one point, Brazil. Bound together by similar interests in gaming, literature, philosophy and whatever else we feel like talking about, we keep in touch over the internet. Some of our members have never even met face to face, but this doesn't stop us from being the amazing literary force that we are, yo.

Meet the Writers of Wicked Ink:

Laura Bishop

Our resident expert on all things Marion lives far far away from Vimary in sunny Santa Barbara, California where she is currently undergoing the unenviable trial of going back to school, pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Psychology. Laura has felt a connection with Marions since almost before she cracked the Tribe 8 rulebook, and maintains with vibrant enthusiasm that even if She is lost, Mary still impacts all of Vimary. Her love of Mary has spread to Her daughter Agnes, and in her eyes, the Tribe of Agnes holds the most hope for the redemption of the Nation. Her other interests include reading everything from parapsychology to children's books, and wishing she could have a cat in her apartment.

Laura is an author of Word of the Dancers, Revanche, Liberation and The Capal Book of Days.
email Laura at: laura@wickedink.spaceanddeath.com.

    Lisa Nichols

    An avid journalist at Till Human Voices Wake Us, Lisa draws on her experience to write the narrative style of Tribe 8. The romance of Tribe 8 captured Lisa from the start, and she finds the vibrant, gritty setting to be the perfect backdrop to paint the cost and pains of love. Lisa has turned on nearly every member of Wicked Ink to pamie, but then, who doesn't love pamie? Lisa also likes to move, apparently, as she seems to have changed residences at least five times in the past year and a half. She can't seem to get too far away from Ann Arbor, Michigan, though. She plans to take her cat Max with her when she moves once more as she returns to school this Fall.

    Lisa is an author of Harvest of Thorns, Revanche, Adrift on the River of Dreams, and Liberation.
    She is currently working on Memory's Price.
    email Lisa at: lisa@wickedink.spaceanddeath.com.

      Brand Robins

      Possessing three BAs, two MAs and being well on his way to PhDhood, Brand is entirely overeducated. This does not stop him, however, from playing roleplaying games and watching WWF. We worry about him. His first experience with RPGs was reading the manual for Dungeons and Dragons to his fellow eight-year-old friends, and subsequently beating eachother silly with stick 'swords'. His tastes have not changed much since. He lives in Dirt, California (known to residents there as 'The City of Lancaster,' bless their deluded little souls).

      Brand is an author of Harvest of Thorns, Word of the Dancers, Revanche, Adrift on the River of Dream, Liberation and The Capal Book of Days.
      email Brand at: brand@wickedink.spaceanddeath.com.

        Josh Roby

        A proud Barbareno of six years, Josh will drown you in history and unknown facts about his 'hometown' of Santa Barbara. He splits his time between working in Human Resources at the local hospital and managing the existence of a fictional world, a World of Darkness MUX by the name of Something Wicked This Way Comes. He insists there is a technical solution to every problem, and has automated approximately 80% of his job, a fact he does not share with his supervisors. On the rare occasion he has freetime, his hobbies range from reading to hiking (being the Eagle Scout that he is) to strategy gaming to dancing.

        Josh is the de facto webmaster of bloodandsacrifice.com.
        He is an author of Revanche, Adrift on the River of Dream, Liberation and The Capal Book of Days.
        email Josh at: josh@wickedink.spaceanddeath.com.

          Moyra Turkington

          Better known as 'The Mo of Space and Death', Mo is our only resident Kanuk, and has just returned from Brazil, of all places. No, this doesn't make sense to us, either. The journal of her Brazilian adventures at E X P A T R I A, however, provided us with the domain for bloodandsacrifice.com, so we do not complain too loudly. Having been a Montreal resident, and always having a soft spot for Tricksters made it easy for Brand to hook Mo onto Tribe 8 like so much crack. Dahlia took to Mo in return, and set her character up as Lilith's prophet and biggest fan. Ah, cycles of retribution. They never cease.

          Mo is an author of Word of the Dancers, Revanche, Adrift on the River of Dream (Is too. Check the errata in Liberation), Liberation, and The Capal Book of Days.
          She is currently working on keeping her sanity.
          email Mo at: mo@wickedink.spaceanddeath.com.

            And among the crazy cohorts...

            Gary Winchester

            As Gary's a student and an otherwise ne'er-do-well hang-around-kinda-guy, one or two of the Wicked Ink crew will occassionally pounce on him to give up his well hoarded time and energy to pitch in on a book. We expect he'll eventually learn better and tell us to bite him.

            Gary had his cameo debut in Revanche and is an author of Liberation.
            email Gary at: gary@wickedink.spaceanddeath.com.

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